The first two DVD volumes had a simultaneous release in Japan on August 8 2007. It was announced that every volume would contain two episodes. The first two volumes would also contain an eight page booklet and stickers of the corresponding DVD cover for a limited time only. The illustrations on the cover jackets are designed by Hisashi Hirai.

The third volume is expected to be released on September 5 2007, and will also contain a sticker of the jacket cover.


Heroic Age I - contains episodes 1 and 2 (Release date: August 8 2007)
Heroic Age II - contains episodes 3 and 4 (Release date: August 8 2007)
Heroic Age III - contains episodes 5 and 6 (Release date: September 5 2007)
Heroic Age IV - contains episodes 7 and 8 (Release date: October 10 2007)
Heroic Age V - contains episodes 9 and 10 (Release date: November 7 2007)
Heroic Age VI - contains episodes 11 and 12 (Release date: December 5 2007)
Heroic Age VII - contains episodes 13 and 14 (Release date: January 9 2008)
Heroic Age VIII - contains episodes 15 and 16 (Release date: January 9 2008)
Heroic Age IX - contains episodes 17 and 18 (Release date: February 6 2008)

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